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can flourish excel kill fish?

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Having some algae problems and I over dosed with Flourish excel, and 12 hours later I had a bunch of fish die, was it from a heavy dose if excel?
Thinking about doing a water change but I just did one yesterday and water has only been sitting for half a day.
Anny suggestions?
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Water change and the sooner the better. Made the same mistake several years ago when I switched from excel to metricide with an overdose of it.

edit: 12 + hours later depending on how much you dosed it's probably close to having run its course and definitely done it's damage. I would still do a water change though. When I overdosed metricide I was able to save move of my fish but did lose my flag fish colony and part of the Christmas moss clump I was trying to clear of algae.
Yep, an OD of Excel will do that. I was dosing regular amounts for all of my tanks one day and without thinking my 5g ended up with the same dose as my larger tanks. Lost a school of 7 chilis and 2 out of 4 sparkling gouramis.
Rip my friend had a similar occurrence. Do a big water change asap

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