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Can eco-complete be crushed?

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The question is in the title! Just randomly wondering this, since I'm going to re-scape soon.. My dwarf hairgrass isn't doing so great in Ecocomplete, because the consistency is almost like gravel. And I don't have the funds to get some Aquasoil or whatnot, at the moment.
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i remember using eco complete when i first started to get into this hobby
and i remembered it never ever crushed, compared to aquasoil atleast...haha
I'm sure eco complete can be crushed but there's also other substrate out there that will get the job done and be less of a pain to do. You can consider Flourite Black Sand which is very fine sand and very dark so it should match eco complete. A layer of this should help for small plants. Or if you want to make sure things match, you can get Flourite Black and this sand version.
Physically, it can be crushed. It's actually not that hard to do. I sometimes get pieces drop inside my garbage disposal, and it's able to chop it up. So I suppose if you really wanted to, you could take a hammer (or something with a larger face) and crush it into smaller pieces. It would take some time, depending on how much you need to do, but it would save you the expense of buying new substrate.
I think buying some black sand would be the easiest option. Perhaps make an area that has mostly black sand to get the hairgrass going.
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