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can CPOs and amano shrimps co-exist?

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Hi, I'm hoping to get some advice on if I can add CPOs into the tanks which also contain amano shrimp (the algae eaters). I'm planning on buying pairs of CPOs to put into each of my nano tanks but want to check that they won't pick on the amanos. I know that CPOs are supposed to be ok with the dwarf shrimp, but since the amanos are a lot bigger and are much more bold, wanted to double-check that everyone will get along ok

The tanks that they are going into have a couple hiding spots so each CPO can stake out its little cave for hiding
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You will see your amano disappeared one by one.

I am wondering if they ever to be OK with dwarf shrimps.

I had them before.

They killed each other every now and then.

A full grown CPO is too big for the amano to defend, and they hunt well at night.

CPO don't hide. They claim their territory.
Thanks for the input! I decided to play it safe and will not put any in my tanks
i have a 10g with 1 cherry 4 ghost 2 bamboo and 5 amanos with a CPO and they havent been bothered by at all by the crayfish. i think its because theyre just too big for him to deal with. Right now my CPO is only about 1-1.5". there are plenty of hiding places in the tank and he doesnt show much aggression towards the other shrimp unless they get sick. i had 2 cherries and one ghost get stressed and sick from being introduced to the tank and he ate them but i havent seen him stalk or hunt down anyone. i even have a tiny ghost thats smaller than the CPO and hes fine (hes much faster) All this said every animal is different so youll just have to see for yourself
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