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Can anyone recommend a good place to buy glosso?

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Hi everyone, I'm trying to plant out my 250 and need to buy a ton of healthy glosso.

Can anyone recommend a good place that mail orders healthy plants without charging an arm and a leg? Or a LFS in southern CA?

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Summer is not the best time to buy Glosso, as it is extremely sensitive to heat during shipping. Unless you are willing to pay for overnight shipping and still have some risk, wait until the fall or winter. It would be har to find it in stores this time of the year as well since many of them have it shipped from across country to get it in their store.
I saw some on eBay, not the largest in quantity (3"x5" for about $10 shipped), just search glossostigma. Maybe they'll sell it in larger quantities if asked.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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