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It looks like normal brown algae, but it's not, I'm certain of that. The image doesn't really capture it, in reality it's darker brown and more like a mat. Almost like cyano, but the color is way off. It's brownish, but is more concentrated to the bottom and the plants and decorations close to the bottom. On top of that it produces small bubbles of some gas, kind of like oxygen bubbles on thriving plants. If I clean the gravel it pops right back within a few days. Algae eaters won't touch it. Fish seems mostly unaffected by it.

The tank is a sales aquarium in a pet shop, so it's neither heavily planted or injected with CO2 or fertz. Just a plain tank with fish and a few plants in pots. Water is changed automatically about 50% per week (a few liters a day).

I have NO idea what this is and I would really like to get rid of it because it looks UGLY! Any ideas? :help:

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I just see gravel, and the whole image has some purple-ish hue. I can only guess... BGA? Take some of it between your fingers and smell it. It it has a strong earthy smell, then yes, BGA/cyanobacteria.

If you are referring to the stuff on the glass below the gravel surface, just take a nice high limit credit card and scrub it off, then vacuum it out.

Cyanobacteria come in different colors... Green, blue, purple, brown, you name it. :hihi:
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