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Can anyone ID this guy?

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LFS got these guys in today as a freebie from their supplier. It was only labled "Navy blue shrimp" so the supplier obviously was clueless as well.

I assume its a neo but I have no idea if it will breed true or if they are even worth $5 each.

Sorry for the crappy picture, its the best my phone could do.
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looks like a blue velvet to me. but then again there are a lot of similar looking blue neo's with different names; blue velvet, blue jelly, blue pearl...i'm guessing it would breed true though
For neos BJ and BV are the same thing, so I'm told. BP is a different type of neo.

But yeah, either looks Classic BV or BP, and I agree with LinVerts. If you had two of the same, they would prob breed true.
confused why think would breed true when it seems this is an accidental shrimp so could have been in a tank with other types so unknown what colorations it could carry etc.
The Aquatic Critter here in Nashville had "Navy Blue Shrimp" come in last week too. Good to know what they actually are. :)
I would say blue pearl, they look just like the ones I currently have.
is this at a feeder supply lol. i just moved from kentucky back in august
is this at a feeder supply lol. i just moved from kentucky back in august
Not feeders supply but they have the same suppliers so fish selections are basically the same

Turns out the distributor has zero idea what they really are but they claimed to have a breeding colony that produced mainly a deep blue color. I took the three the LFS had left and had them order me 5 more. At $2.25ea how could I pass up?!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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