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Camallanus Worms Parasites

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My 55gall community aquarium somehow got infected with Camallanus Worms; I can see them sticking out of female angelfish butt. I haven't added any new fish in months and my guess is that the parasites were introduced with live food from Petland Discount.

I did a quick research and ordered levamisole from e-bay but it'll arrive midweek next week. Has anyone in NYC had to deal with Camallanus Worms.
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I dealt with it for my puffer. In az though. My puffer had the same thing. Your fish will survive until it comes. Mine did for the three plus weeks it took me to figure out levamisole was the answer. Key is dose it for 24hours once a week for 4 weeks. It only works on young and old worms. Not on eggs or larvae. Thats y you dose for 4 weeks, to hit it at all cycles in case it laid eggs.
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