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Camallanus Worms Parasites

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My 55gall community aquarium somehow got infected with Camallanus Worms; I can see them sticking out of female angelfish butt. I haven't added any new fish in months and my guess is that the parasites were introduced with live food from Petland Discount.

I did a quick research and ordered levamisole from e-bay but it'll arrive midweek next week. Has anyone in NYC had to deal with Camallanus Worms.
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Thanks for the info and sorry for the late reply. I think I caught it very late but
will try the medicated food just in case.

Looks like if the fish can still eat and you catch it early, the easiest and fastest way would be medicated food. Try the dewormer flake III with Levamisole from Steve at Agelsplus. It works!
By the way he carries different flake.
Make sure you do several large water changes.
I would do 3 days on the medicated flake and repeat in a week for 2 days.
Hope it works.

There is a reason why most breeders stick to flake only, less problems.
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