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Calling all Rummy Nose Tetra owners!

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So I've been wanting to stock my 40 gallon with some RNTs and finally was able to get some from one of the LFS in my area. I was only able to get 7 and planned on having at least 16 in the tank with some Corys, Otos, and one of my King Bettas (less aggressive than the other one I have).

Well, after the first night, 2 of them died (this was yesterday). Took them out (one was dead in the morning, the other later in the evening) immediately and now I have 5. Wake up this morning and 3 more are dead. I've had them in my quarantine tank (10 gallons) which doesn't have much for decoration, just one decently sized silk plant, the water heater, a sponge filter, and a little ornament that I attached a little bit of hornwort to (it looks like a statue head used for a planter, I ripped out the fake plastic plant that was in it) to help a little with the ammonia. The tank has been running for weeks and has been cycled and I've use it prior on other fish to observe before placing in the 40 gallon. This morning I tested the water - 6.8 pH, 0.25 ppm ammonia (my water comes out around 0.25 by default), 0 ppm nitrites, 5 (maybe even 2.5) ppm nitrates. I went ahead and put in another sponge in the tank from one of my other tanks to help with more bacteria.

I know RNTs love to school, should I look hard for another small school of them or will they be OK for a week in the tank (assuming they live) without anymore RNTs? I'm afraid I'm going to wake up this week and those 2 are dead...

tldr: should I get more RNTs for the 2 survivors ASAP or will they not get too stressed and depressed if it takes another week to get more?
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Sorry to hear that. They should be fine until you can get more. I had 8 in my 75 and several months later added 5 Buenos Aires tetras to the tank. The aries must of really stressed them out because 5 died within 2 days which left me with 3. They are doing fine together. My Lfs no longer has them and I am very hesitant on online ordering of live fish. They are by far my favorite so I am going to have no choice but to order them once I convert my 75 to a planted tank. I want at least 20!! Good luck!
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