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Calling all Eheim Pimps

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I just got a very used Eheim 2215 that my uncle had stored away. I have only located the canister, there may be more parts at his house. If I have to order parts what would I need? I also feel like the sponges inside will be toast (been under a shed for 10 years) so where would I go to get parts, media, etc.

Also before I buy all this how would I go about testing the canister itself. I'm very new to the hobby and just think I need more flow to my tank.
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While gifts are great, in this case partial gifts are not! If you find the motor head, cutoffs,tubing and media, you are golden. If not, the various parts may cost you far more than a new filter bought online.
For instance, the cutoffs run about $25 each, media somewhere the same but it can be replaced with DIY stuff, The head is like $50??? A quick look shows me a 2215 online for $150 so you can see how this works out. I go looking for used.
For parts, I would suggest a search online for what you need. There will be many places from which to choose if you look around a bit.
Here is the instruction manual and the spare parts diagram.

Check what you have, against what should be there.
There are a lot of options, other than factory, for media.
Thats a great gift ! Even if nothing worked you can easily use it as a prefilter to an existing Eheim filter. Pack it full of filter floss and your water will become spotless.
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