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I have a heavy plant mass with high growth from a high-tech setup. Over a week, I see very little change in Ca levels and I generally try to maintain ~20ppm. This makes me think that, while Ca is critical, it is not consumed in large quantities. However, like many other nutrients, plants seem to need a lot of it surrounding them (as compared to how much they actually use) and a ratio range to other nutrients, such as K and Mg seems to be important. I believe that the implications in Mulder’s chart and ion balance do heavily influence the dosing aspects of Ca, as well as most nutrients.

Some suggest that Ca can become ‘stale’ by losing its’ positive charge and that the entire Ca ion then needs to be replaced by adding new Ca, such as through a water change. However, I have seen very little support for this theory in terms of impact upon plant health. I am more inclined to believe that an ion is an ion as far as plants are concerned. I was doing 50% w/c’s weekly until a month or so ago. I am now doing 50% bimonthly and have noted no difference in my tank health, although it is still early in this experiment. As I understand it, the positive charge is quick to leave, yet I see no sign of Ca deficiency.

So, to directly answer your question, without knowing anything about your Ca levels via a Ca or GH test, you seem to have enough and don’t need to worry about adding any. Plant performance will tell you when you need to start looking at making changes and you are not reporting any problems that appear to be Ca related.
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