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Calcium or to much Phosphate?

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My plants seem a bit sad, new leaves come in deformed and some come in yellow and die soon after. I thought about adding calcium but my LFS guy said our tap water is good enough for plants. So I came home and tested my levels, something I know as a EI method we really shouldn't do or need too. I dose Macros and Micros on other days. Followed by 30-50% water change on Sundays every week. My Nitrate is at 60, Phosphate according to AP is 10. Phosphate Test NOT tested. Also note that I just did a water change 24 hours before the test .I have no Algae and a small fish load. 5 Raboras, 3 SAE, 4 Bol. Rams, 1 G. Ram, 1 Neon, 1 Betta, 3 Pecos and few Shrimp. 8 A. Swords, 1 Madagascar Lace, 2 Hybrid Lilly's, 2 Apon Cri., 10 Nanas, 2 sunset hygro, 4 Hybrid apons and some Glosso. Tank is 125 gallons. Dose 1 1/2 tsp of Nitrate, 1/2 tsp of Mono Phosphate, 1/2 of Potassium Sulfate and 30 ml of Plantex CSM+B. Soil Master as a Substrate & pressurized CO2.:help: :help: :help: :help:
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Assuming your test kit is correct, do a water change and don't dose for a week except for micros & potassium.
EI is just a guide and you shouldn't follow it exactly. Adjust for N, P dosing.
you'd want to target NO3 (10-20ppm), PO4(1-3ppm).

And you'd might want to dose Magnesium too.
Thanks for the advice MRGreen. I will do the water change and monitor the levels till I get them with in range.
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