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calcium/mineral/algae scraping screw-up?

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Hi guys,

my plant tank is a "re-cycled" turtle tank. while the turtle lived in it calcium/mineral/algae white deposit/stuff grew on the inside of the tank and made like a hard white film on the sides of the glass, especially on the sides opposite the filter.... I've got the tank all set up for plants and everything is going really great (thanks to many of your alls help) except trying to see through the tank's glass just isn't happening.... today I got the bright idea and got out a razor and scraped off the stuff. great the glass is clear and I can see through it. OOOOOPS, all the scrapped off "stuff" settled into the tank's substrate and among the plants.

is this a big screw-up?

is there something I need to do, like empty the tank?

Thanks for your help,

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I think you should be fine, just do a waterchange and while doing it try and suck up so e of the deposits. Just some advice for next time if ur in the same situation and havnt set up the tank yet, before filling up the tank pour some vinegar onto the hard water buildup and let it sit for a few minutes and them it will easily scrub off!
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