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Well, I had some rough patches with my life over the past month or two, and didn't give my tank any real attention [CO2 Depleated, no ferts..] Man, what a mess it was! :eek5:

I lost a lot of plants to it, so I decided to salvage what I had left, and tossed anything dead, or too far gone, and let them float for a week or so [I have practically all stems]. When everything started to perk up, I decided it was time for a rescape.

Unfortunatly I forgot to snap a few shots of the mess, but maybe that's for the better. :wink:

Anyway, three hours of unplanned-change-as-I-go-scapeing-and-cleaning, and one thrown out hip/back, I was content with the outcome :hihi:.

(Sorry about the shoddy shot, Ancient camera is crappy, and I was hurting too much to bother standing up and backing up for better shots rofl. )

Now just to wait for everything to get settled again and get-a-growing!

Probably going to scope out some new plants once we have some spare money, but until then I'm pretty content with it :tongue: .


Ludwigia repens

2 types of Rotala: Can't remember which.

2 types of moss: Was never told what they were! lol

Mystery plant on the left (Anyone know?)[ close up 1, close up 2. ]

Lobelia cardinalis : Small form.

Hygrophila difformis: "Water Wisteria".

Anubias: Lancelot?

Hydrocotyle leucocephala: Brazilian Pennywort.

Mystery bushy plant infront of DW (Anyone know?)


5 Cory Cats:
3 Julii, 2 Peppered

3 Pearl Gourami

5 Long fined Albino Zebra Danios [Don't really care for them ;( ]

While I normally appreciate constructive criticism, I'm not looking for any for this particular tank :hihi:. Just posting it to share ^^.

Tomorrow, I tackle the shrimp tank and baby guppy tank, and maybe even my betta tank! .. if I have it in me anyway :sleep: .
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