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So I have about 7 stems of cabomba. I can't not get this plant to stay rooted. Everytime the stem at the bottom breaks, I replant it and the sake thing happens. The plant itself is super green and healthy looking, but for the life of me I can not get it to stay in the substrate. The stem on the bottom ends up getting weak and snapping and I find the plant floating. Its not brown or anything they all look super healthy. Anything I can do for this? Maybe try and strap it to a rock and burry the rock? Idk why the stems get weak at the bottom

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Cabomba should root extensively and be relatively easy to keep planted.

You may have two issues: 1) very loose/light substrate and/or 2) brittle or, conversely, soft stems, which may indicate a nutrient deficiency (K and/or traces?).

If the substrate is the issue, then there are many types of plant anchors that can be purchased.

If there are nutrient issues that are causing the stems to be weakened, we can explore that further. If you think that is the problem and you want input from the forum, please post answers to the list of questions listed below.

Whenever I get involved with Cabomba issues, I always suggest what I believe to be a much nicer, but similar, plant as an alternative: Ambulia (Limnophila Indica), which doesn’t get the heavy air roots or shed as much.

Questions, for further help, if needed, from other members:

  • How long has the tank been setup?
  • Light (make & model): ideally, PAR and PUR reading/estimate at the substrate and photoperiod? Search this forum to help with this.
  • CO2 setup (if any) and, if you inject CO2 (pressurized or DIY?), what is the CO2 ppm level, how is it measured and how is it timed with your photoperiod?
  • Current NO3, PO4, GH, KH, pH and TDS readings and which test kits/devices are used for each?
  • What you are dosing (product and quantity), in terms of ppm, and how often? This calculator will help:
  • Substrate type and how long has it been in place?
  • What hardscape (stones, driftwood, etc.) is being used, if any?
  • What is your filter setup?
  • Cleaning regimen (filter and water change frequency and amount)?
  • Circulation: surface rippling and are all plants gently moving from top to bottom?
  • What is your water source and do you use a water softener?
  • What is your tank size?
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