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I picked up a 20 long at Petco's $1.00 a gallon sale. This is going to be my first serious planted tank. I've had plants in my old 55 but nothing serious as far as substrate and nutrients.

I bought all my equipment.
20gallon long
Fluval 106
Aquaclear 20(still on the way)
Seachem Root tabs
Fluval mini co2
Fluval Bubble Counter
Fluval Ceramic diffuser
Finnex Planted+ 24/7 30"

Once I got everything in I set the tank up added my eco-complete, then topped with some pool filter sand from my established 55. Boiled some drift wood and took rocks from my 55 added to the tank.

I filled with 3/4 new water and 1/4 water from the 55 as well as filled the 106 with matrix media from one of my canisters. and a bag worth of matrix for the ac 20. Added my albino bristlenose and picked up a German Blue Ram as well as 4 pygmy cories ( not doing my research didnt realize these were real fincky and I already lost them all).

Went to my lfs and got hooked up with plants, I got 2 bunches of peacock moss, 2 amazon swords, 1 water wisteria, 1 red ludwigia, 2 bundles of cabomba, a bundle of something that looks similar, and 1 water sprite.

I added them to the tank as well as my root tabs and got it scaped.

Don't mind the giant heater its gone. The bag of matrix will be going into the aqua clear 20 with some purigen.

I added 3 oto cats, 12 neons, and 1 golden ram. Let them drip acclimated and added them in.

I'm thinking of adding some cory's to the tank what are some that stay relativley small, besides the pygmy's?

Also what some easy ground coverage plants that I could add in the center? Should I dose with any ferts?
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