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C02 System Recommendations

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I read the C02 Primer. Anything new I need to be aware of since 2010 when it was written?

As of now I am considering the Green Leaf Aquarium system and the Aquacave Deluxe Package.
Deluxe Planted Tank CO2 Package -
GLA GRO CO2 System | Green Leaf Aquariums

Any others I should consider or feedback on the two above? Thanks!
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The GLA system is much better than the other one. It has a much better regulator, which is the major part of the system, but it lacks the needle valve, which is also a very major part of the system. The other system does have a needle valve, but a very cheap, barely usable one.
Thanks for the feedback. Question...this is not the needle valve you are talking about?

GLA GRO-1 CO2 Regulator
Industrial regulator body
Custom precision GLA needle valve
+1 on GLA. I bought an Aquatek regulator earlier this year when I switched to pressurized C02. The low pressure was constantly swinging up and down. Returned it, got a GLA regulator and it's rock solid. The needle valve is sensitive, but not nearly so much as with the Aquatek.

That's the exact GLA regulator I bought, and it does have the needle valve. I also added the LED.
I've heard great things about GLA and if I had to do it over again, I would go with one from them as opposed to the cheaper one on Amazon I bought.

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