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C02 on a timer??

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I'm just starting to hook up my 20 pound pressurized system to my 70 gallon tank. I have a 4 bulb canopy set on a 12 hour timer. So my question is, should I run my C02 solenoid on the same timer, or is it best to run the C02 24/7 ?
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Depends on how much CO2 you feed into the tank!
how many bpm would get me to around 15-30 ppm of C02 in a 70 gallon??
If you HAVE a solenoid, I would recommend to run CO2 on the light timer. Plants don't consume CO2 when lights are off... Some ppl worry that there are no optimum CO2 levels when the lights turn on, I don't think it matters that much if your tank is fairly stable.
get a drop checker and use that as your CO2 guide...
Run your co2 on a different timer so it goes on half an hour or even an hour before the lights go on ,and off one hour before lights go off.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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