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C02 diffuser not working

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I got a CO2 diffuser from aquaticmagic via aquabid (here is the one)
and it is not working, even when I blow on it as hard as I can with my lungs no bubbles come out. Anything I can do for this other than get pressurized CO2?

Thank you,
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It'll work. If you were able to blow through it, it wouldn't be a very effective diffuser. If you have DIY CO2, even if it's been producing CO2 for awhile, it's gonna take hours (6-12, maybe) for enough pressure to build up to make it work. Just make sure all your seals are tight, and don't give in to the urge to squeeze the bottle!
I have one of these and I've tried blowing through it. It doesn't work. But when I hook up my pressurized CO2, it works just fine. Just have to get enough pressure is all. It's not the same as an air stone.
But umm....I have had the c02 reator hooked up to it for a week, I might just need to change out the solultion. And uh...I have already given in to squeezing the bottle, my bubble counter is now cloudy lol.
Try soaking the diffuser in boiling water, and/or a bleach solution. It might just be clogged. But most nano diffusers should be able to handle DIY CO2.
no bubbles after a week sounds like a leak in your system
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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