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C. Parva

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Hello everyone, I am recently new to this forum, and just the other day I picked up a pot of Crypt. Parva from my LFS that didn't have the best colouration in the leaves but I decided to ask the lady if I could see the root system on the plant and she promptly pulled it out of the pot for me to see the roots; Which to my surprise were bright white and healthy, any who! I ended up picking it up as I have been on the look out for this plant for some time now..

When planting I divided the pot into 3 smaller plants and planted them 2-3 inches apart, it's been 5 days now and they seem to be doing to well, I was just wondering if any of you guys knew just how long it will take for them to start to show some signs of new growth. :)

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This is something I've been wanting as a foreground plant. I'm new to this as well and it seems like an awesome plant. I have nothing to add to this thread, just wanted an update as people reply. LOL
rowrunner: Yes, it did take me a while to find it too! as I only buy my plants from one store in my area, But I am in love with the shape of the leaves and the fact that it's a crypt, just makes it even better! their probably one of my favourite types of plant.

Noahma: ..Great, I had read that on another site, but was just hoping to get some other opinions, lol Slow grower it is! At least I don't need to worry about it taking over my tank.. :)

Thank you guys so much for the quick reply's !

Yeah I'm fine with it being a slow grower. I'm going to use it in a small section to see if I can get better at this. I'll just need to buy a few. Once it does grow how do you go about separating the plant?
To be honest.. I am not sure?

I believe that they send out runners.. that will attach where they feel the need, and they can also be snipped off once they have roots of their own and be re-planted. (I could be wrong about all of this though) If anyone that is more experienced with this type of plant could help us out it would be much appreciated.

I've seperated my parva 4 times, and usually it's just a matter of peeling the roots apart. If the roots detach easily then it's ready to be removed, but if you feel your using too much force it's probably not ready. I have this plant in a medium light tank as well as in an emersed set up. I find that it actually grows faster in my low tech tank. It also seems much less prone to melting (atleast for me). <--- has an image of the root structure.

when I got it originally it was grown under very low light, and i barely recognized it.

After a couple of weeks, it transitioned into the low grower that is more familiar.
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It may be a slow grower, but it can be very hardy. I had it buried under the leaves of an overgrown sword plant in my 29G, and i forgot it was there. 3 months later i re-scaped and pulled it out. I found most of it buried in substrate etc. Replanted and it's growing fine now.
wow, this is all vary helpful info thanks again everyone!

yes, that was the way that I separated mine the first time i got them. (into three groups)
and they all seem to be doing fine. (no melting)
It may be a slow grower, but it can be very hardy.
Agree. When I build my big one I have forgotten parva under other cryptocorine in my schrimp tank. They were very weak and I thought that I loose them. After 8 months I have discovered that they are alive - under other plants, no fertilization, no CO2, nothing. So I replant them in my big thank and today, after few months - WOOW

And it is not so slow as I have read. And the leafs of parva are not melting like other crypts, they go to yelllow and stay so for long time.
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