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C/Mg Deficiency Questions

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Tank is running at 80ppm GH (4.5 dH).

Yet my plants are showing signs of Calcium and Magnesium deficiencies. New leaves are coming out twisted, as well very light green with dark veins, seems pretty clear to me.

My tap water starts with around 12ppm GH, I add Seachem Equilibrium, and this is where things start getting strange. I change 25% of my water in a 60 gallon, ~15 gallons. Instructions on EQ are 1 tablespoon/20 gal to raise it 3 dH (roughly 53.5 ppm). I use one TEASPOON, which is 1/3 of the dose and it takes my ppm from around 12 to 80, that's 68 ppm for 1/3 of the dose. Something doesn't add up.

Either way, sitting around 80ppm (4.5dH) I wouldn't think my plants should have this deficiency.

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CO2? Micronutrients? NPK? Lighting?
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Hi Netcode,

Agree with all the above regarding pictures, dosing information on N, P, K, and Micros as well as if CO2 or Excel. Lighting information is also helpful.

That said, my first though with the twisted new leaves and yellow leaves would be micronutrients; possibly Molybdenum (Mo) and Iron (Fe) as well. Are you dosing CSM+B and if so how much and how often?
Yeah sounds more like an Iron deficiency to me. Especially considering you mentioning dark veins, could be magnesium as well but then leaf edges most likely would be a darker green.
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