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Just bought a bunch of crap to go pressurized so im gonna try and recoup some of the costs... or at least thats what I tell myself :)
-2 C. keei 'jambusan' one rhas a daughter plant. These are originally from looking4roselines a few years ago. SOLD
-3 C. lutea $10 all
-2 good sized golfballs fissidens fontanus maybe more after I trim my scape. SOLD
-A LOT of L. brevipes x lacustris. You can check out my journal for a pic of this. Not sure on exact quantity but I have a 55 gallon worth. $0.25 per stem.

Disclaimer: Likely to have a little algae on the older leaves but nothing serious. Fissidens should be algae free. I DO have snails. MTS and RED RAMS HORN.

Im looking for some glosso might be up for a trade.

PM me for shipping quote. Some folks live way out in the sticks and its expensive to ship. I have a couple heat packs for $1.50 each if your in a place thats below 40 daytime temps. I wouldnt worry about anything but the crypts though.
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