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Hi everyone, got a few plants to sell. Prices do not include shipping unless stated. Otherwise shippin is 6.50$ shipped priority USPS doesn't matter how many plants you get.

Updated what I have left. Added some plants to sell.

Have 3 or so golfballs of Fissidens. May have a little algae, will do my best to give you the healthiest parts.
$8 a golfball

I have 4 Bucephalandra Brownie Red
$25 per medium sized plant
Buy all 4 for $90 shipped!!!

-6 or 7 stems of A. Reneickii Variagated - Beautiful A. Reneickii with the red variagated veins. The tops grow well for me, but my water isn't quite soft to keep them optimal. Looking to get rid of my entire stock, will all be rooted stems not clippings. Bottoms are a little ratty. Normally these go for $8 a stem, but I'm thinking $30 for the lot would be a great deal for someone looking to get into these plants.

-5-6 cuphea Anagalloides stems- Nice large stems Looking to get rid of all I've got, $8 for the lot

-4 Crypt "Nevillii" (Willisi xLucens) (looks like a slightly larger version of Crypt parva) $10 for the 4 plants.

-1 Crypt Nurii - $10 for medium plant

Sold Section

Cryptocoryne Cordata "Rosanervig". This is the kind with the striping. Varies from pink to white. Also varies from vibrant to not vibrant, but if they are in good conditions the striping is definitely present. I have seen striping on every plant that I have for sale. I originally bought 1 medium plant for $40 with guaranteed lineage. I will be selling mine at:
$35 for medium plants (Range from 5+ inches)ALL SOLD
$25 for smaller ones. (2-5 inches)ALL SOLD

Theres at least 2 medium ones maybe 3, the rest are smalls.
Package deal (All 5 for $130 shipped) pending! ALL SOLD

1 Small Bucephalandra Golden Bell (This is a smaller buce variety doesn't get very big) You will be getting one of these 3 plants
$18 for a small medium sized plant. (Medium size for this species) SOLD!!!!!
1 Small Buecephalandra Lamandau Purple (Same sizing as golden bell) You will be getting one nice sized plant form this patch
$20 for a small medium sized plant. (Medium size for this species) SOLD!!!!

Also have a ping pong ball of Caloglossa cf. beccarii or Red "Moss" its either a type of macro algae or liverwort. Really Pretty. Grows rather densely and very very slowly in my high tech 20 gallon.
$40 for a ping pong ball SOLD!!!!

Disclaimer, I do have some algae... (A little BBA on some of the slower growers and a little bit of thread algae) I will send you the healthiest of plants that I have.
Please mind your weather. I will insulate as best as I can. If any DOA's do arise due to cold weather, I will not be held responsible. Also not responsible for any delays due to postal service.

Plants will all be shipped out on Monday, April 14, 2014

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