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Bye Bye, Bucket Brigade!

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Finally picked up an Aqueon water changer and man does it work wonders!

Few tips for other prospective buyers, though

1. It works best if you fully submerge the tank end of the hose and let the big air bubble out

2. Pump enough water in to fill the entire hose with water and then some - THEN start sucking it out. Otherwise you'll waste water running on full blast for 5 or 10 minutes before the real action starts.

3. Elevate the hose a bit - helps the water flow initially

4. Take the drain stopper out of the sink - don't just raise it. Mine doesn't drain fast enough with it in.

But - I did a 50% water change in less than 20 minutes - with no water spillage at all. This is a real game changer for when I move and get a big 90g tank

Now I sort of look forward to water changes...
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The python was the best $30-40 I've spent for my 90 gallon tank. You'll be glad you got it now before having to deal with water changes in a large tank for a couple months haha.
I could not live without my Python. Takes a huge chunk out of r the work involved with maintaining a clean aquarium.
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