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BW Humic or Mosura pH Down?

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I'm looking to lower the pH of my shrimp tank to keep CRS in. It's pH 7.2, with a KH of 3.5, so changing it shouldn't be a problem. For those who have used these products, which one should I get?
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Much cheaper than any of that stuff (and safer!):

Since your KH is low, you can take a Deer Park/other kind of water bottle and use a hot glue gun to expand the neck of the bottle and just attach it to your faucet. Here's a pic of what I did:

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I don't like tannins in my tank. If I added peat and purigen, would the purigen keep the water crystal clear?
Yes, it will. I think the pH will stay low too, but I'm not sure.
I use BW Humic in my hob filter. Ph is between 6.2-6.4 I'm color blind. But I use akadama as substrate too lol.
Sorry for digging old thread. Does humic change your gh too? If I put it in my tank, which is 6 GH, will it change?
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