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Buying new bulbs

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I had been considering replacing my bulbs in my current fixture. I have 96w custom sea live fixture the requires square pin configured compact f. bulbs.

My question is there a great difference from Coral Life, Current, Ebay vendors or hello lights on a 6700k bulb.

There seems to be a pretty big difference in cost and was wondering if it is asssociated with name brand or is there a superior difference.


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CoralLife square pin is great quality.
Current is unnecessarily over priced.
don't buy anything half the cost of
CoralLife, as it will probably be crap.
Keep in mind most of the expense
is in the shipping, so check locally.
many Hydroponics stores sell too.
Thanks for the response....

Have you heard of TRU? Any good?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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