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buying items over seas?

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from reading various threads about equipment coming from outside the US it seems that different sizes are used and sometimes can not be used in conjunction with US equipment. I am looking at this JBJ bubble counter on ebay but it is coming form Malaysia and i'm not sure if it will work with our co2 applications. i have a concoa reg and i'm still piecing the rest of the equipment (slowly but surely).

p.s. where can i get a clippard solenoid besides rex? he is yet to reply to my emails.
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anyone? i really like the JBJ ones and would like to buy one but i only see them being sold in Malaysia
THe bubble counter will work fine. The only thing you need to worry about are regulators that have fittings for asian co2 tanks and not NA CGA 320 tanks.
Live and learn. The alternatives aren't great.
Ordering from anyone can get to be interesting. If they and you know what you are discussing all should be fine. If one of you knows the product but the other doesn't life can get complicated. I've ordered from the other side of the world and had no problems. I've ordered from the other side of the Mississippi and had no end of grief. That's why so many people like Amazon and Zappdos.

There are international standards on threaded fittings, but... one has to read and understand the specifics. For CO2 - in the USA - its CGA-320 on the tank side. In Asia it isn't.
Read the description and if in doubt - ask the seller or distributor.

All the eBay ads for JBJ bubble counters - that I took a quick look at - say what regulator they fit. I didn't look at all the ads.

Clippard solenoids can be ordered from Clippard or any number of pneumatics suppliers. Rex provides (or provided) a service by eliminating everything other than what people needed.
Post your regulator details - or thread sizes if you can't find model numbers - and someone should be able to offer more help.
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