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Buyer/Seller communication

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I am somewhere in the process of completing 3 transactions from sellers on TPT. These are the first here but I've had a fair number from other forums, ebay and Aquabid.

Not a single seller -- 2 out of 3 of whom had somewhat specific and esoteric requirements -- communicated with me after receiving payments. These are not first time sellers, nor are they sellers with poor feedback -- all had 100% positive. One of the three was obviously peeved when I asked about whether he had received the payment. The other 2 have not responded at all.

Is this a common occurrence? No confirmation, no shipping info, nothing? I ask because I have not had this experience with any aquatic forum or eBay or Aquabid sales, and I don't know if this is an odd coincidence or simply how it works on TPT.
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I usually tell people that I received payment, or I will confirm address and tell them when I plan to ship. When I'm buying something I will often confirm payment and confirm ship date so I know when to expect the package.

If they sound peeved about answering a simple question like that then don't do business with them anymore, I wouldn't.
I've noticed that happens a lot. I wouldn't worry until orders don't show up.
Thanks. I'm only worried about one transaction -- the plants should have arrived yesterday.
I've been selling some plants recently, and I'm noticing that priority mail is taking a bit longer than usual. Must be one of those bad weeks.
You should be able to PM/email them and find out when they shipped it, if they have an issue with that then they really don't want customers that bad.

Another note, USPS slacked on a few shipments to me last week, they ended up taking 3-4 days instead of 2-3 =( hope its not happening to your neck of the woods too.
I have gotten a "I will take the (insert item here)"

I reply with: Send your money here (enter email) and please put your address

If a week goes by (sooner if I need them gone) and he doesn't reply than the next guy gets it.

If I buy something, thats when I am worried, but so far no bad things have occured and I have dealt with first timers.
I am *very* glad to know others are seeing slowed shipping, if you know what I mean. And again, really more than anything just wanting to know if this is normal so that I can adjust my expectations.

There are no animals involved so no biggie one way or the other. I get *very* upset when animals are not handled well. And although I've heard a carrot scream when I bite into it, if some plants turn to mush I can in fact live with it.
I generally communicate a lot in a transaction, but I have dealt with many people that are satisfied with a "Ok deal" and then nothing else until its over and I have to badger them to leave feedback (obviously not here, as I only have 2 transactions on this site, but elsewhere) I don't mind as long as the deal goes relatively smoothly. but I always exchange names and addresses with the people I am transacting with so at worst if I get hardcore ripped I can pursue legal action.

On the bright side I have only been seriously effed over once and it wasn't even me that got effed. I created a thermos swap. person A would put a coral in a thermos (I'm person A) and send it to person B who would then do the same to person C and on through the list, with everyone signing the thermos, it was cool until one person not well known on the site just received and never shipped out again. so the next person in line got gypped, and we lost a thermos with a bunch of signatures on it.

the thermos swap was the coolest thing ever. I must say. damn that guy who skewed it for everyone else, I really wanted that thermos back with all the signatures on it.

but I totally digressed: In summary, some people dont communicate a lot some do, if you dont like the way a seller communicates dont deal with them again, everything being sold can be bought somewhere else. But (my english teacher would shoot me for starting a sentance with but) you have to account for their lives and time zones, jobs etc. as well.
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My setup is a little different than other sellers on the forum.

I do not confirm payments that are received. I specifically request that the buyer send their shipping address in the "Notes" section of their payment so I can verify that the address matches their shipping address. If it doesn't, I will request clarification. If someone PMs me to ask whether I've received their payment, I'll gladly confirm receipt of the funds.

I post a message in the general for sale thread updating buyers as to when their orders have shipped.

PayPal usually generates an automatic "Here is your USPS delivery confirmation link" to my buyers once I use the Multi-Order Shipping option. In the rare occasion that one does not get generated and the buyer PMs me to ask, I reply within 24 hours with their delivery confirmation link.
It varies from seller to seller... i've had my fair share of bad experiences, even with some 100% pTrader power sellers.
Most of the people I've done business with on here will confirm payment.

I simply say "The payment of *insert money amount here* has been sent!" It's what I've adopted, and it works well for me. I assume if they aren't complaining to me about money not being sent, then they got it. I made it clear as day I sent it, and I'm going to be more angry than an antagonized bull if I don't get whatever I paid for.

So far most of the people on here have been fine, although I don't like it when people can't be a little friendly about it. I've run into a few of those...
I've been selling some plants recently, and I'm noticing that priority mail is taking a bit longer than usual. Must be one of those bad weeks.
Better than my first class packages up and disappearing... 4 in 2 months.
Keep in mind that most sellers here on the forum are "just" hobbyists- and life sometimes takes precedence over a hobby.

Personally, I'm really slow at getting things shipped out (not that I sell stuff very often anyways)... but I do usually try and shoot someone a PM to let 'em know what's up.

It's a little different from ordering from a business, though, IMO. Give people a little time to get back on. If a week or more goes by and you still don't know what's up, then consider filing a claim with PayPal just so you don't run into their time limit in case something has fallen through with that seller.

But I wouldn't always expect an average joe hobbyist to get back with you within the first day or two, some people just aren't on the forum every single day.
Personally, I'm really slow at getting things shipped out (not that I sell stuff very often anyways)... but I do usually try and shoot someone a PM to let 'em know what's up
*cough* tell me bout it. :hihi:

I have gotten to the point I don't buy/trade from others again if I don't get either a 'I shipped the plants" pm or an email from paypal. However, it's only happened to me a couple of times. Unfortunately, not everyone has basic etiquette when receiving money from others.

For what it's worth, I have also noticed USPS is getting really slow lately.
[Yeah SOME unnamed peeps (c'est moi!) sometimes take like a MONTH to ship out... right? ROFL]
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