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Bumblebee platy has raised scales on black spots only

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She’s had this for some time now but it seems to be getting more pronounced. A few scales in two locations on her side are raised. It looks like pineconing but only in two spots, which happen to be right on her two darkest spots. Maybe coincidence, but both are specifically within the margins of the spots. She’s acting completely normal, but I’m a little worried. I guess my main question is whether anyone has heard of a condition like this before with some kind of thickening of dark scales?

-I can’t get a good picture, sorry
-ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrates stay around 5ppm, ph around 7.4
-heavily planted tank with a few wood pieces, no other decor
-lives with other platies, guppies, and amano shrimp
-diet is frozen foods and various flake and pellet foods

Thank you for any ideas
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It is well-documented that certain black pigment patterns in the many species of Xiphophorines (platies and swordtails) can produce melanoma cancers in hybrids. I have seen melanomas on individuals of the "bumblebee" strain and I expect that is is eventually fatal as in other affected hybrids. Most of the commercially produced swords & platies are complex hybrids originally produced from inter-species crosses. Cancers are not unknown in black spotted hybrids. Here is a link to an historical article by Myron Gordon with an extensive bibliography, containing references to production of melanoma in these fishes.

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