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Bumblebee Goby Baby

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I think some of my Goby's are doing the nasty dance in my tank. I just noticed this little 4mm fella today. any idea what their eggs look like? I think they hitch hiked on some Anubias plants I moved to this shrimp only tank, which is why this little guy survived. had he been born in my community tank, he would have been some fishes lite snack.
sorry about the photo quality, but my P&S camera lacks manual focus - even with a tripod I have to take 10 photos to get just one near focus on such a close-up shot.

while I have your attention; any idea when my berried shrimp is due?

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no idea but congrats...if you are interested in finding out, unless someone else knows, you can separate them in their own tank and see if they breed again.

oddly, no. my water is dead neutral with a pinch of salt.
the Gobys are from franksaquarium who gets them as fresh.
I'm just as surprised as you are, and no it's not a mosquito,
an no other fish I have has any similar vertical striping.
I suppose it's possible a Goby was preggo when I got her,
but I kinda doubt it since they were much smaller then,
and I got these fish more than 3 Months ago.

now I'm going nuts eyeballing the main community tank
looking for more babies. I just wish I knew what egg sign
look out for, since my tank already has Ramshorn eggs.

I highly recommend these gobys for nano
tanks or community tanks with <1" small fish,
like that 30gal full of nano stuff in my sig.
they do require live black or tubifex worms
or live brine shrimp every week or two.
I drop the worms into my lava rocks to
give them a chance to hunt them down
before all other fish can get the worms.
gobys will hover like a helicopter to find
and eat live brine shrimp one after another.

here's a close-up of one of my shy adults.

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Congratulations, But what is your question?

Congrats on your new goby! but what is your question exactly? :icon_idea
The research that I have done on the bumble bee gobies says that they will do fine in water that is not brackish. I have had 3 for over a year now and they are healthy and do fine. :D Congrats on your baby!
Arab, the user above has been banned, so he wont be back to respond to your question
what are you feeding it?
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