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bumble bees and cherries interbreding???

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Will bumble bee shrimp interbred with cherries if left in the same tank?
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Thanks. Nice chart. I am keeping that one for reference.

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looks like we're both trying to find out the same it because the ad that was just posted at pn? Anyway, here's a link i just read....
You too eh. lol

Stay away their mine!!!!!!!!!!:hihi:
i was just told that it might not live long enough due to my water conditions for my cherries are different from his bumble bees. So yep, they're yours....good luck with it...i'll just grab more plants from you someday...heheheh
Katalyst also has cherries, bumble bees, greens, crystal reds and maybe some others too. I dont know if you have dealt with her but she is a nice lady.

She has a really nice fish / invert collection.

I got 10 cherry shrimps from her last month. Those 10 juveniles are massive now, almost the size of adults!
Yes I got my cherries from her as well. I want to throw these in my moss wall tank at school with the cherries but I wasn't sure if I would end up with some 3 headed mutant godzilla shrimp!
i was interested on her CRS but a little too pricey for me if you ask me...don't you think? Oh wait she changed the price....hmmmm pm sent to her...
There's another seller thats in markham but i dont think he's selling them right now. I bought 12 grade C-B CRS from him for $50.
Is it norder (Peter)?
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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