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Bulking up ADA Aquasoil

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Hi, I have a tank size of 600mm x 350mm and I'm aiming for a substrate depth of 75mm (3").

I would need 13.5 litres of AS. Its even more expensive here in the UK than it is in the US. I would like to get away with one 9 litre bag.

I am new to planted tanks so here is my question....would it be ok to raise the depth of the AS by adding a 1"-2" base layer of something like Akadama? or even some LFS black gravel?


PS. just to clarify, I'm not talking about mixing the two.
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Im trying to do the same but with my flourite in a 75 gallon. Im planning on using womans stockings and putting sand inside to make hills at the back of the tank. I know you could use gravel as most people do. Im trying to get the question about using sand....worried that it will cause gas pockets.
you can use crushed black lava rocks in a plastic mesh bag to add depth.
i WISH i could get away with 1 9L bag. I just bought SEVEN big bags

foam blocks siliconed to the bottom of the tank, with rocks on them as well maybe

light defuser work well too. but like steve stated, if you stack the defuders on top of one another, there will be a chance of gas pockets as well.
you can use crushed black lava rocks in a plastic mesh bag to add depth.
Or add Akadama to the mesh, this way you can pull them apart if you redo the tank later.
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