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Bulkhead vs non-bulkhead

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Been here for a while, mostly lurking and learning. What a great resource. Anyway started out changing a 28 gal tank for a 29. Before I could really get started I ended up with a 90 gal corner bulkhead tank.

I figured I could go with the bulkhead or not. After looking at things, I realized if I didn't use the bulkhead fittings I would have 2 gallons of non circulating water in the overflow section. (this is a 92 gal corner with the plastic piece in the back sealing off the bulkhead area). In addition, there are some deposits on the front glass where I believe coral was growing. I've tried vinegar, CRL and finally mueratic acid a long with lots of scraping with lots of fresh razor blades. Didn't seem to put a dent in it. I can live with these as they are pretty hard to see when there's water in the tank. Plus they are all towards the sides. There are also some cosmetic issues with the black silicone.

Now I've got a line on an identical tank and stand, only without the bulkhead. Glass and silicone are perfect. I can get what I think is a great deal, $350 with a decent canister filter and "about 100 lbs" of black flourite. (I need to get about 60-80 pounds more anyway)

So I'm looking for pros and cons, bulkhead or no, for freshwater, low tech, planted. I've got most everything needed to build a sump (tank, plexi and skills) While searching for this I see that noise can be an issue with a sump. Noise is a huge consideration in this. Also, I want to use canister filters as I just purchased an Ehiem 2215
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