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bulbs on ebay for t5 any good?

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ok so i been searching around for bulbs for a t5h and cant seem to find any local. so i checked ebay but they have some weird bulbs i never head of thats t5ho and i just wanted to know if any one had good or bad reviews of these bulbs or should i just pay the double price for a name brand bulb?

here is the ebay item number to the bulb i was looking at :
it has no brand name and i wanted to know how the quality of the bulb is. Dont want to buy it and have it burn out in 2 months is what i'm saying.

F39T5/865/HO Fluorescent Light Bulb 6500K 39W T5

F39T5/865/HO High Output 39 Watt T5 Linear Fluorescent light Bulb

Color Temp. - 6500K DayLight

Base - Mini Bi-Pin (G5)

Lumens - 3300

CRI - 85

Average hours - 20,000

Bulb Actual Length - 33.39"

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i had to use an ebay link not for sale but more on an informational purpose as i am trying to find out info's from other member's if i cant show what i am talking about its hard to explain what bulb i was referring it too...
Links to online auctions are not allowed.

Copy and past the spec info into this thread if you want info about a particular item.

It's been several years since I priced out T5HOs, but last I looked, this place had good prices on the spectrums I like:
it wasn't the cost but more of the quality of the item... wanted to know if any one had good resulte on this bulb rather then it burning out after 2 months
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