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Bulb question

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I have been keeping reef tanks for 6 years now, fresh water tanks all my life. This is going to be my first planted tank. I have always used these bulbs on my fuge for my reef and the macro grew like mad. IYO will they work on a 10 gallon planted tank. They are 65K bulbs. The hood is an AGA hood with a 50watt ballast, with 2 light sockets, so I would have to use the 13/75 watt type.
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read around and you'll find many have used or recommended it, and it's cheap.

Personally I'd rather get a 1x13W or 2x13W retrofit kit from ahsupply. Same/less power usage but you have better ballast with better reflectors resulting in more light into the tank (not lost to restrike or poor/no reflectors).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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