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I have been out of the game for a while and need help reviving a High Tech tank. (Java fern is doing well but everything else not so much)

My old bulbs are dead so I need new ones.

I have a Tek Light T5 HO fixture.

6 bulbs, 4 on one switch 2 on second switch.

Green Leaf CO2, DYI Inline reactor and a Eheim Pro 3 canister.

C02 and everything else controlled via an Apex controller.

Planning on dosing EI as I am familiar with, but not sure if there is a better method.

Need help with

1) which 6 bulbs should I pick (what kelvin)
2) Should I set them up in any specific way (IE run 4 6.5K for 10 hours and 2 other bulbs for 9?)
3) best place to buy bulbs (amazon, marine depot ect.)

Thanks in advance
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