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I have four tanks all lined up in a row in my basement. I wanted to make it easier to turn filters and heaters off, without having to unplug them. I was hoping to add GFCI protection (the importance of which was demonstrated in the "Fun with Electricity" thread). Also, I'll be moving all the tanks shortly, so I didn't want to do anything permanent.

Anyway, I had some spare materials left from a kitchen remodel and put the following power strip together in about 2 hours.

It all runs through a GFCI protected outlet. I have a total of 10 outlets on the entire strip, 6 of which are controlled by individual switches. I've mounted this on the wall behind my aquariums and can move it with the aquariums - or make other use of it in the future.

I was thinking of removing the GFCI outlet, because one of my lights always trips it (turning EVERYTHING off) when the light comes on. However, after reading the "Fun with Electricity" thread, I can see that I better find another solution to that problem. Possibly adding a second GFCI outlet at the end of the circut and plugging the guilty light in there - or even adding a second circut to the strip?

Now, I just need to put plates over the boxes.

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