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building a shrimp and cori tank

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I have another tank just sitting around waiting to be used. 36x18x12 and I have a hang over filter from an older tank. (aqua clear 110 with a aquaclear 70 impeller) I will cover the intake with foam or some netting.

Are the air pump foam filters better for shrimp with low tech planted tanks? or the hang over should be fine as long as I cover up the intake.
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I have a matten filter in one tank and job's on the other (lots of foam vs prefilter) and I find it doesn't make much difference as long as filtration requirements are met. Shrimp will congregate on the filter because there is more surface area for biofilm to accumulate and it's where debris collects as well. But it's not a requirement (besides sucking up the shrimp) to have foam, the shrimp even with foam of some sort will still forage around the tank
Cool thanks for the info. Since I have a 90 gallon tank with a sump pump and I have to rescue a shrimp everyone now and then in the sump filter. Now I just have to get the new plants and substrate and some more shrimps. minus all the snails from the plants in the 90 gallon hopefully.
I have both HOB's and air driven sponge filters in my current running tanks. Well, the HOB isn't currently running on one, I just never plugged it back in after a failed attempted breeding project. In short, I use both.
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