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I set-up a tank to grow out duckweed and frogbit and java moss

5 gallon tank (half full)
Sponge filter,
Heater 73-78 F

lights on about 10 hours a day.

I gravel vac my other tanks, then that water i put into this grow out tank. Bad idea?

I recently took a look at the glass of the tank and saw these little white bugs crawling around on the glass inside the tank?? WTF are they haha?

Is it bad? can they harm my plants?

I believe it is from the gravel vac water? is this a serious problem?

Cant snap a pic they are two small.

Opae Ula Crazed.
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Could be cyclops, if so no problems. Hard telling without pictures. Google em. :)

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scuds don't crawl well on walls XD
if it swims around like a bumblebee it' a seed shrimp. if it swims all jumpy, it could be daphnia, moina or cyclops.
if it vaguely resembles a small shrimplet, it's a scud :3
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