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Bucks County Aquarium Society - BCAS

Annual Auction/Fund Raiser

Churchville Nature Center
501 Churchville Lane, Churchville, PA 18966

Saturday, May 14, 2015

Donations are listed on the Facebook page & the website and continues to be updated.
Please be sure to support our sponsors.
Live goods= First dollar goes to club/balance to seller.
Hard goods= 60/40 split. 60% to you.

Item Registration 9:30am to 11am

Bidder Registration & Item Preview 11am to Noon

Auction 12 Noon till ???? (5pm?)

Everyone Welcome - Free Admission

A good cross section: Cichlids, live bearers, Discus, Angelfish, plants, freshwater equipment, saltwater equipment, tanks, driftwood, inverts, filters, RO units, pumps, filters, Long Island Aquarium tix, Philly Zoo tix, various Gift Certificates, also plenty of used fish tank setups (including several bowfronts, and a 15g metaframe. w/ss light)
I expect a good assortment of live food this year (micro worms, banana worms, vinegar eels)
BCAS is a true Non-Profit- no body personally benefitting /getting rich on your purchases!
Money raised is used to fund speakers throughout the following year – which you can come listen to for free!!

349 Posts
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Today's the day. Run on over...

In addition to the above, we have several gift certificates to both local and online stores available.
Philadelphia Zoo tickets.
Sesame Place tickets.

You name it - we might have it!!

Hope to see you there!!!
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