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I have some extra Bucephalandra that I would like to offer for sale or trades.

Here’s what I have-
Bucephalandra lamandau- It has more than 20 plants connected together. Very beautiful rounded brown leaves. $35. No single plant available.

Bucephalandra Brownie Blue- This has more than 25 plants in there. Very beautiful small rounded leaves. New leaves have brown color and as they mature, they get a beautiful blue sheen on them. $45. No single plant available.

Bucephalandra “Penelope”- This is one of the species that are my personal favorite. I have kept it long enough to say that the pink in the stems does not go away. The unique shape of the leaves make it a great addition to any tank. There are 20+ plants in there. It is one of the more expensive species out there. $90. I can sell individual plants for $8 each.

Bucephalandra Green Achilles or Skeleton King- This is one of the most popular Bucephalandra species. Veins on its leaves give it a very interesting look. These are $8 each as well.

Bucephalandra super Blue- This is slightly bigger than Brownie Blue in size. It is rather a fast grower in comparison to some other Bucephalandra species. I have about 25+ plants. $55. No single plant available.

Bucephalandra super mini- This is an amazing plant. The leaves are smaller than a centimeter. It is a GREAT plant to cover the driftwood or small stone. One of the smallest Bucephalandra species. $15 for the portion shown below. More portions available.

Bucephalandra mini velvet- Slender wavy leaves make it a beautiful addition to any tank. The portion shown below is $9. I have more portions available.

Trades- Rare Cryptocoryne species or smaller Homalomena species like Homalomena insignis or Homalomena humilis.
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