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I have an Eheim 2222 which is putting alot of bubbles in my tank. Now, I am feeding CO2 from my yeast-based generator into the intake of the filter. Is this a bad idea. The volume of gas being inject into the tank for the Eheim is not accounted for by this source anyway. From where it the excess gas coming? I don't mind the bubbles accept that occassionally the filter loses it's siphon. I used to have a separate C02 reactor in the tank but it took up too much space in side the tank. The reactor required a maxi-jet pump. With all that going on, why not just get a C02 tank and one of the smaller diffusers?
Back to the filter. The bubble problem really started after the second servicing to replace a white filter pad (nothing major). I even applied more vasoline to the o-rings of the quick-release in/out assembly. Any ideas. Maybe air is entering through another o-ring (between the motor and filter box). Does anyone have experience with this?

Thank you for your attention,
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