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Bubbles on betta

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I know it sounds strange but there are bubbles on King, my betta. I noticed it today before I cleaned his tank and moved it to another location in the apartment. I moved his tank to the living room so he can see me better and I can see him better.

His activity is normal, swimming around and not scratching himself against anything.

I will be testing my tank water in a few days to see where the water parameters are at, as I just cleaned the tank.

When I cleaned the tank, I took him out and placed him in the cup that I kept from when I got him. Cleaned the tank as it was dirty. I know, I am bad at keeping up with water changes, need to get on a routine of doing water changes, so I don't have to do a complete tank clean. I will be checking water parameters on Wednesday and then depending on those results, I will do a water change.

The bubbles don't look like ich, they are not white. Not sure why he has bubbles stuck to him? Oh also, when I put a new filter cartridge in, how do I seed it from the existing filter cartridge?
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May just be that, bubbles. Not unusual for oxygen to stick to fish sometimes.
Okay. I thought it was unusual because I never seen bubbles stick to fish before. I will keep an eye on it for a few days to make sure that it is just bubbles.
if you can get some aquascaping forceps and whirl them slowly around the betta to see if they come off.
Just checked on King and the bubbles are gone. Yep, they definitely were bubbles on him. Now to get the filter cartridge question answered.

Oh BTW, thank you BettaBettas for your help. I usually panic when I see something not right with my betta and you helped put my mind at ease. Thank you.
Betta's love to make bubble nests, perhaps he just swam through it after it migrated through your filter flow.
Bubble nests = happy betta!

Good job!
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