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Bubble Counter SMC Fitting

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I just received my order from CO2Art for a CO2 setup with an SMC needle valve. Unfortunately, the push in connector for the needle valve to bubble counter was not included -

I've sent an email to CO2Art support and I'm sure they will send one. However, I really do not want to wait 3 weeks to receive this before I can setup the system on my tank. Is anyone aware of this part being available on Amazon or the evil bay. I have no problems purchasing it myself but I've searched around and cannot find what I'm looking for. Thanks for the help!
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If all else fails, you can always use a cheap inline Bubble counter Like the Fluval from your LFS and insert the 1/4 inch tubing (must have a decent wall thickness to give the tubing some rigidity ) directly into the needle valve .
Worked for me
Thanks @charlie 1, that is definitely an option. I would obviously like to find the push in fitting if possible but I'm drawing a blank with all my searches, at least in the US.
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