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Bubble counter leaking

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I have noticed the last couple of days my bubble counter has been leaking all the fluid out the bottom of the tube. I checked everything tonight there are no cracks that I can see and everything seems to be tight, can not move the counter in any direction. What can I do to stop the leaking other than buying another bubble counter. This is on a MA957 reg with solenoid.
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Check the threaded part on the bottom for crack. You'll need to remove it. There's also an o-ring that makes a seal between the bubble counter and the needle valve. Check it too. Remove any crusties that have accumulated on the threads while you're at it.
I cant even get it off. If I was to try and use channel locks I fear that I would crack if . Any tips for getting it off would be great.
If you can't just twist it off with you're hands, a strap wrench would be ideal. That's the only thing I can think that wouldn't crack the plastic. Maybe twist a wet, old shirt around it? I can usually get them off with my hands.
Thanks will try that if my husband has one.

Well we got it off replaced the o-ring when which was bad when we put it back on the threaded part cracked. So I am ordering a new one from a fellow TPT member. Well being without co2 for however long it takes to get the new one be a problem.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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