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So my neighbor Bjielsl and myself are going to be putting together some ADA 90p's we do not have the tanks yet so we had to find something to pass the time... so what is that you might ask?? well when you have an empty 29 with a stand, a garage, and a 400 watt mh.... well I am pretty sure that your mind is right where ours was... we have decided to create a farm for plants. No plants in the pic but there are plants in there now. We are growing them in individual Tupperware type containers with soil in them... makes it very easy to keep plants separate.

Tomorrow we are going to be setting up a 55 g for to accommodate the plant order we just made from here is that list.

Ammannia Senegalensis (may be green in color until under high light)
Baby Tears (Dwarf) grown on (plantable) MAT (3"x5")
Bacopa myriophylloides
Cabomba Furcata
Cabomba Purple (Red) (Cabomba pulcherrima)
Cabomba Green (Cabomba carolina)
Green Temple (Hygrophilia corymbosa)
Green Temple Narrow Leaf (Hygro Corymbosa 'Siamensis')
Heteranthera Stargrass (Heteranthera zosterfolia)
Hornwort (Ceratophyllum demersum)
Ludwigia inclinata var. verticillata 'Cuba'
Ludwigia, Needle Leaf (Ludwigia arcuata)
Mayaca (Mayaca fluviatilis)
Moneywort (Bacopa Monnieri)
Myrio, Filigree (Myriophyllum simulan)
Myrio, Green (Myriophyllum pinnatum)
Myrio, Red (Myriophyllum heterophyllum)
Myrio, tuberculatum 'Red'
Nesaea pedicellata 'Golden'
Pennywort, Brazilian (Hydrocotyle Leucocephala)(6-8 stems)
Pogostemon stellata
Proserpinaca Palustris
Rotala Indica (Rotala roundifolia)
Rotala Magenta (Rotala macrandra v. 'narrow leaf')
Rotala Wallichii (Rotala wallichii)
Telanthera Rosefolia (Alternanthera reineckii)
Barclaya (Barclaya longifolia 'Red Form')(Beautiful specimens)
Tiger Lotus, Red (Nymphaea zenkeri)
Anubias, Frazeri (Anubias 'Frazeri')
Anubias, Congensis (Anubias Congensis)
Anubias, Nana (Anubias barteri v. Nana)
Sword, Vesuvius (Echinodorus Angustifolia 'Vesuvius')(potted)
Anubias, Coffeefolia (Anubias barteri v. Coffeefolia)
Java Fern (Narrow leaf)(Microsorium pteropus)
Hairgrass, Dwarf (Eleocharis acicularis) "Mat" (3.5"x5") (Sizes Vary)
Anubias, Petite Nana (Anubias bareri var. nana 'petite')
Rotala wallichii (Rotala wallichii)
Cryptocoryne, Balansae (Cryptocoryne crispatula var. Balansae)
Cryptocoryne, parva
Cryptocoryne, Lutea (Cryptocoryne lutea) Pot (medium size)
Cryptocoryne, Wendtii, Green (Cryptocoryne wendtii)

so needless to say we will have plenty of plants to fill out collectors needs... LOL hope some of you all stay tuned!!!

Our driftwood should be here this week! (Thanks PC1!)

bjielsl's light will be here this week as well. I am going to be running my tek light with giesemann bulbs.

filters are bjielsl's responsibility (I have no idea what we are going to run but I have a feeling it is between the ehiem 2217 and the Fluval G3) so anyone that wants to put in there 2 cents please feel free.

I will be building my regulator going with a Smith 2 stage regulator, Ideal 52-1-12 needle valve setup (I have no idea what kind of solenoid to get so please give me some tips)

anyways thanks for everything (knowledge) that this sight has given me to feel comfortable taking on a tank like this and I hope that someone that is new to the game can take something away from our build! :)

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sunsuns will be cheaper than either the ehiem or the fluval and will still get the job done for you. just my 2 cents :p

Sounds like a great project though! I have to admit im kinda excited just reading all this lol. Looking forward to more pics and updates ^^

I hope that you do stick around... we will keep everyone up to date don't worry. also thanks for the filter recommendation.

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Some updates...
Tore down my 55gal and moved it to the garage(henceforth referred to as the farm)

Here is the 29 full o plants:

Waiting on the above order to fill the 55, but here she stands with giddy anticipation for the onslaught of Flora:

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Holy plant list Batman.
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