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Hello TPT community,

Dom here and I've recently been bitten by the planted tank bug. I have an avid aquarist daughter that has been keeping low tech tanks for a few years with 5 small tanks in her room. We do have a bit of a zoo in our household, with two dogs, two crested geckos, a tree frog, 4 ball pythons, 1 hognose, and lots of fish in 5 small tanks. Needless to say we are animal lovers. :) We used to have fancy goldfish in a 55g setup, and with the current pandemic conditions decided to do some home re-arranging. So, we sold off the 55g and picked up a used 92g reef tank a couple months ago and decided to head all in on a high tech setup. I've been reading as much as I can and have learned so much, however know that I have much, much more to learn. So thank you all in advance for your great contributions and hope to share our tank journey as well.


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