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Hey everyone I'm already having issues with my wisteria. I have had the top 2 photos for a couple of weeks, and the last big bunch I just moved over from my 20g. It was doing great there. Basic t8 no c02 or ferts.

Anyway the tank these plants are in is my 125 gallon. No c02, lighting is 2 36" Finnex planted plus 24/7s. I run the 24/7 mode at all times. I dose Pferts micros and potassium once per week along with rutabs root tabs monthly. Throw in some excel occasionally.

My java fern all turned brown mostly but has new baby plants growing everywhere. I'm wondering if the wisteria is just adapting to this tank also? Or do I not have enough light, or a deficiency?

The leaves seem to be turning brown and almost look like something is chewing them, but I don't have anything in the tank that would eat them.

Last, what other plants beside my java fern, anubius, amazon sword, and wisteria would you recommend for this setup? I need something that grows nice and tall, and something bushy. Don't want too much going on since it's a discus tank, but something would be nice. Thoughts?

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