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so the edges of my s. repens is starting to brown now.

I have started dosing flourish potassium every other day, wondering if that is going to be enough

Tank 90g with a fluval plant 3.0 59 watt light, substrate mainly eco-complete with a top layer of fluval stratum. tank dimensions 60" long x 13.5"/18" deep (built in rear sump) x 20" tall. CO2 injected

Light runs about 12 hours/day

current tank stocking:
7x roseline barbs
10x cardinal tetras
2x bristlenose
25?x ghost shrimp

other plants:
Echinodorus Aflame

Alternanthera Reineckii Rosanervig
Echinodorus Horemanii Red Sword
Bacopa Caroliniana

The s. repens was starting to come in good and spread for a bit and now this

oh almost forgot, tank temp is coming down from 88 degrees for ich treatment (no fish lost!!!)

Bump: sorry wrong pics



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