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Brown water

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I just recently flooding my tank. I have about an inch of MGOPM with black diamond cap. I have been doing a lot of water changes, but my water still gets a brown tint to it. Kind of like when using mopani wood with the tea color. Has anyone else experienced this before, and how long did it last?
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Brown water like this, just a tint, is usually from the organic acids in the potting soil.
It may go on for a month or so, gradually getting lighter.
To make it go away faster you can do more water changes, and you could add Purigen or Activated Carbon to the filter.

It does block a small amount of the light getting to the plants, but if it is pale enough that you can still see into the tank then it is not blocking that much light.

I had some wood that make the water as dark red as red wine. Could not see into it at all! That is a bit much.
Thanks for the input, guess its just a waiting game.
I've set up two tanks with MGOCPM, and both would get the tea-stained water after a couple days or so. Both tanks also had a decent amount of driftwood, so that also contributed. I've stuck a bag of purigen in the filter of my current tank, and that's kept the water crystal clear for close to a month now.

Before the purigen, I just used the darkness of the water to help remind me to keep up on water changes.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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